We are Brave Teddy, a Turku based production company focusing on films, commercials and brands. Our mission is to add value and meaning to all of our client cases.

You will be seen, heard and felt – we create all-encompassing narrative content.

We work within the crafts of production, filmmaking, photography and sound design. We can deliver the whole production from the get-go or just certain parts of it – we’ll design everything in collaboration with you and for your true needs.

As a partner we are a combination of business minded artistry and a Teddy Bear you can take with you on your adventures. So let’s adventure!

So Video?

Moving pictures are a natural device for storytelling. Stories hold the innate capability to move, create motion, evoke emotions and drill into one’s memories. But what good is a story without purpose? Without meaning, it’s not a story to begin with.

Jouni Kuru

Sales & Design
+358 45 862 8705

Mikko Kaurio

Production & Cinematography
+358 40 826 8291

Antti Siniranta

Post-production Supervisor
+358 40 189 6665


Got talent? Contact us!

We are always looking for great people with #teddycation to join us, to show their talent on screen or in production. No need to be a cinema professional, if you know great Origami or you’re very fast in climbing trees, contact us!